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Because of its fiber optic cable network and one of the most advance onsite technological support, you don’t need to worry for frequently distorted service. After having a Airtel Voice Connection the issues like traffic congestion on special occasions, poor signal quality and interrupted connectivity etc become the matter of past, so you don’t need to think or pay for alternative services.
Keep faith in Airtel- We wouldn’t let you down.

airtel international toll-free number for your business:-

airtel brings Premium International Toll Free Services (ITFS) which provides dependable access through a free phone number. It helps you extend your business across the world and thrust your business ahead. You are charged in the Indian currency as compared to subscribing to international operators where you pay in expensive foreign currency.
What’s more, fixed line and mobile subscribers of other service providers in India can also dial the service

How Toll Free Number benefits your business:-

Airtel Toll Free services provide your potential customers with a ‘free’ and convenient way to contact your business. The charges for using a Toll Free number are paid by you instead of your potential customers. Get the business advantage; our service is accessed by more than 200 million airtel subscribers.
What’s more, fixed line and mobile subscribers of other service providers in India can also dial the service

Benefits of airtel Toll free Number:-

» Follow me: Choose a Toll Free number to which all calls will be routed. If your potential customer calls from a different city their call will land on the same pre-defined number.

» Vanity numbering series: Get a Toll Free number series which is easy to remember and aids your brand recall.

» Percentage quota call distribution: Distribute the calls, by a certain percentage, made to the Toll Free number, depending on the total capacity your call center.

» Time dependent routing: Route the calls on the basis of time, day, week or year to a different location as it suits your requirement.

» Multi-location call distribution: Route the calls to multiple locations based on your business needs.

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