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Now get best of the Network integration service from Airtel.

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Airtel provide latest technology professional solution from industry.

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Airtel DATA & IP Service in Gurgaon

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1. Airtel Internet Leased Port Service

2. DDoS Detection and Mitigation service

3. Premium Enterprise Internet Solution

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6. Multi-homing Internet Service

internet leased port (ILP)

Internet technology has evolved as a trusted platform to do boundary-less business and share valued information.

DATA & IP Solutions

airtel identifies varied needs of emerging and established businesses in India and offers a portfolio of Internet products customized to meet requirements of this high growth business segment. airtel delivers its array of Internet products from 130+ locations across India and globally.
Focused on sustained performance, each IP solution has a well qualified definition to meet your business specific need. On varied IP Port speeds and aggressive commercials, there is a ready answer for Business Continuity, Burst-able Bandwidth, distributed or centralized internet delivery.

How Airtel Leased Line will benefit you:-

» Higher Network Uptime - Best Route Dynamic routing on Trans-Atlantic and Trans-Pacific routes.

» Lowest Latencies - Direct connectivity to multiple Tier 1 carriers, Internet Exchanges, Network Access Points.

» SLA Based service - on airtel own IP network in India and Globally..

» Reliable HelpDesk - 24x7 network monitoring service and technical helpdesk..

» Quality Always - Most of the above, get Aitel Quality service & solution without any problems.

Cost Effective Enterprise Internet:-

» Now paying for internet bandwidth is made even more flexible with our 95th percentile billing model. This is in addition to existing Flat billing model.-

We at airtel have a proven experience in delivering High Performance Internet Solutions to corporate on a congestion free transoceanic Global IP Network. Your business needs a seamless, high-speed connectivity to connect with your network of affiliates, customers and suppliers around the world. We offer you 24x7 dedicated Internet service that is fast, reliable and conveniently connected from your corporate local area network (LAN) to the public network.

Our extensive network of undersea cables and various peering partners worldwide offers path optimisation and thus better delivery.

Service is available for Dedicated (1:1) and Shared customers (1:2 and/or 1:4).

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